will harry trying to wave at a fan and waving at his own face and getting confused ever stop being funny


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more tattoo artists need to just say “nah dude, i’m not doing that”

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You wanna kiss da girl 
Sha la la la la la 

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I’m crying,is Flynn the only one who thought to perform first aid while everyone just kissed him xkjhvfkjgsfhg

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scientists tell us that all water

is old water,

that there is no room for originality,

that everything is recycled.

the anguish of Achilles bleeding out

face-down in the Trojan dirt

mingles with that of a stockbroker caught

in the ebb and flow of the markets,

and what I am trying to say is that the tears

navigating south through the canyons on your face

may have once wet the cheeks

of Alexander the Great

for the same reason.

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You spin me right round baby


Right round like a record baby


Right round round round


everyone is dead

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when your fri ends say that their art isnt goo d


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Katy Perry’s first and last attempt at crowd surfing

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Stephanie Schecter….
"I was out for a paddle with my little point and shoot water camera one flat afternoon a couple of weeks ago, and this lil gal decided to come say hello! I knew she must have been unwell, because she was quite a young pup to be away from her mother. Some people saw us and paddled over, but she barked at them and nuzzled into me, clearly frightened… But at least I got them to take this picture! Legend I went in I convinced her to jump off the board, and I called the rescue hotline. Twenty minutes later they let me know that they found and rescued her, and soon will return her to the wild. They explained that she had been abandoned by her mother and was starving!"

dying rn

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Out Tonight
Ariana & Liz
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Ariana & Liz - Out Tonight (Rent cover)
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